Drum Clinics


Rhythmology – the study of life and rhythm!

Claes Brondal, international performer and educator, will perform and conduct a clinic about the Roots of Rhythm and their application to the drumset. This is an opportunity for those interested in or already playing the drums to experience a combined lecture and participation drum clinic.

The clinics will cover many areas and styles of playing including: the origin of pop,rock, funk and hip hop, their correlation with jazz and latin music and their practical applications to the modern drumset. The objective is to share the joy of playing an instrument, inspire the audience to pursue passions of their own and experience the power of submerging oneself one hundred percent – whether it is drumming or something completely different. We will also discuss the how to deal with the great inhibitor: fear!

The clinics works well in small settings as well as in larger auditoriums. The program will be laid out in advance and distributed along with various educational material relating to the subjects. The teachings are based on the notion that every movement should be free flowing, natural and incomplete control. A question and answer session will finish the clinic.

Playing the drums is fun – but mastering the drums is truly one of the greatest feeling one can experience in a lifetime.

Educational material is supported in part by: Sabian Cymbals, Remo Drum Heads and the Vic Firth Educational Program. The clinics are for inspirational and educational purposes.

For further information, references and to schedule a clinic please contact Claes Brondal at (347) 303 3206 or email cbrondal@gmail.com